EKEN K50 Smart Video Doorbell 1080P Camera Wireless with Chime Ringer

EKEN Smart Wireless Doorbell Camera – Upgrade Your Home Security Experience

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Advanced Pre-Capture Capability: For those subscribed to our Cloud Storage, this doorbell begins recording upon sensing movement or when its button gets pressed. This allows you to view the events leading up to the primary incident, providing a more complete view.

Optimized for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi: The EKEN doorbell camera is tailored for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, guaranteeing a consistent and speedy connection (5GHz Wi-Fi is unsupported).

Thorough Home Defense Set: Boasting a 5200mAh long-lasting battery and a free indoor sound alert.

Easy Charging Methods: First, remove the insulation tape from the rear of the doorbell and ensure your doorbell is fully powered before its initial use. Charge the doorbell with the provided USB cable, compatible with a DC 5V 1A or 5V 2A adapter (please note adapter isn’t included).

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Protected Cloud Storage Option

Avail AES-128 encrypted cloud storage via an optional subscription (available separately). Delve into a 30-day complimentary trial, facilitating video recording, playback, and sharing.

Safe and Encrypted Cloud Storage: Benefit from AES-128 encrypted cloud storage through an optional subscription plan (available separately), complete with a 30-day free trial for continuous recording, playback, and sharing.

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Enhanced AI Human Recognition

Precise AI-Powered Human Recognition: Leverage cutting-edge AI technology for accurate human identification, while eliminating false triggers from cars or trees.

Activate the AI function to distinguish humans from other moving entities, such as vehicles and animals.

Stay vigilant with instant mobile notifications whenever motion is detected at your entrance.

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Interactive Two-Way Talk

Real-Time Bidirectional Communication: Effortlessly engage with visitors from anywhere in real-time

Connect with guests in real-time, from any location, facilitating smooth interactions.

Quick Alerts, receive speedy mobile notifications when someone presses your doorbell or get instant alerts upon motion detection to stay in the loop about front-door happenings.

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Superior Night Vision

Crystal Clear 1080p Wide-Angle Lens: Record and view live footage with remarkable detail and precision

Four infrared LEDs combined with a smart IR sensor allow continuous surveillance, producing clear videos even in dimly lit conditions.

Advanced Night Vision Technology: intelligent IR sensor deliver sharp, high-resolution videos in low-light situations, day or night.

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